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Voices from the Roadshow - Tauranga

Fishing Communities

Voices from the Roadshow - Gisborne

Fishing communities

Voices from the Roadshow - Nelson

Fishing communities

Seafood NZ Roadshow - Nelson

Seafood NZ is on the road again. Hearing the voices of the seafood industry as we visit ports around the country. We will be featuring our people over the coming weeks.


Prof Ray Hilborn, University of Washington - A skeptic looks at marine protected areas

Marine protected areas (MPAs) only "protect" the ocean from legal, regulated fishing, and even if 30 per cent target is achieved, it does not constitute significant protection from real threats. Biodiversity will be better protected and food production maintained by expanding fisheries management which protects all the areas, not more no-take areas.

New Zealand Fishing Companies Launch New Vessel Monitoring System

New Zealand Greenshell mussel farming in the Hauraki Gulf

World Ocean Summit

The Great Escape - Sea Lion Exclusion Devices (SLEDs) in the Southern Ocean

Graeme Sinclair and Sir John Kirwan have a close encounter with a shearwater

Meet Capt. Chris Patrick, a deepwater skipper from Nelson, NZ

Meet Tony Roach, an inshore fisherman from Nelson.

Meet Johnny Burkhart, a NZ rock lobster fisherman

Seafood New Zealand Story

MSC: Sustainable Seas

Part 3: The State of World Fisheries - Ray Hilborn

Part 2: The State of World Fisheries - Ray Hilborn

Part 1: The State of World Fisheries - Ray Hilborn

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