An award-winning photographer prepared to rough it in search of great images has created a collection showcasing the seafood industry.

Terry Hann has put together a selection of photos for his new book Catch, which features some of the best seafood photos and graphic art from his 20 years of capturing the industry.

Wairarapa-based Hann was voted New Zealand’s best commercial photographer in 2012 and 2013, with the top picture in both years being seafood-related.

The 2012 win came by trailing a Talley’s boat fishing for hoki off the Chatham Rise.

“I was on the Amaltal Columbia and they have a little inflatable boat that gets hauled down the side of the boat into the water,” Hann said.

“I’ve been out a couple times and it’s simply just following the trawl as it is coming in, so we just followed it, got in really, really close and got a great photo.”

The 2013 win was for a black-and-white graphic of a rock lobster.

“There is an awful lot of time invested in each particular project, not to mention the amount that was put back in digitally.”

The win gave him the distinction of becoming only the seventh “Grand Master of Photography” under the New Zealand Institute of Professional Photographers honour system.

But even a Grand Master still has to rough it to get the best pictures, he said.

“I went out on a small trawler, I can’t remember the name of it, but I had to sleep on the floor because the cabins were all full and I was begging the trip anyway, just tagging along, so I ended up cooking meals for them as well.

“But it’s all worthwhile and I love being at sea.”

Hann has been shooting fish, vessels and anything seafood related since the 1990s when he first took shots for trade brochures for Seafood NZ’s predecessor.

“As a photographer I saw a need for a good quality resource that wasn’t there and guess I saw potential for the business.

“It’s the primary industries stuff that I like doing so it all fits into that area and so it became a bit of passion, the going to sea, the fish and putting it all together in a way that looks good.”

Hann also has a comprehensive library of fish images, with his orange roughy picture featuring on the cover of Seafood New Zealand chief executive Tim Pankhurst’s new book Roughy on the Rise.

To see more of Hann’s work visit nzphotos.co.nz or to get in touch about purchasing his work email terry@nzphotos.co.nz